Tara does a great deal of work to stay still, and strong, and hold up those around her. She withstands assaults from within and from without. Tara is the earth. Tara is structure. (x)

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Orphan Black meme » 5 episodes (1/5)

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favorite character meme » two colors [1/2]: cyan

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"Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure," said Luna in a sing-song voice.

1. The Silver Trio: LunaNeville, or Ginny?

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"I’m so glad that our show is so female centric because…" x

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Orphan Black meme » 6 characters (6/6)
Alison Hendrix

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He’s a hugger, nothing like your dad.

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          After the months hard working to make these posters  i finally wait for this day,the day Orphan Black come back.I’m ready now!

One of the best OB fan artists on Tumblr. 

(Bows down.)

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buffy appreciation weekday 6, favourite storyline or character development    

                     buffy dealing with her guilt and grief over killing angel