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five places: felix’s appartment (2/5)

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You’re lying.
I lied to get you here. But we don’t have them.

Kira’s here, and I want to see her now.

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What you missed on 2x01 of Orphan Black:



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make me choose
perfumeofsighs asked faith or darla

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Some walks you have to take alone.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Welcome to the Hellmouth, 1x01

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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#guh I love the 3rd gif STOP. NOW. moment so much #the set of her angry angry jaw and how raleigh spins sideways to her at the speed of light #going from teller-tastic murder eyes to a small head-shake of ‘no babe no the punk’s not worth it’ #but he’s NOT physically like puffing up and protecting her or covering her or grabbing her with an open hand of restraint #he’s literally nudging gently with the side of his hand like ‘i recommend non-violence at this juncture my sun and stars’ #and how mako’s look off this is like ???? I KNOW THIS CLOWN TRUST ME HE NEEDS A FIST TO THE THROAT #HOW ARE YOU SO CHILL RALEIGH SRSLY MY KNEE HIS NUTS THIS IS NOT MY FIRST RODEO WITH CHUCKLES HERE #and chuck god love him is just like ‘fuckin bullseye’ and gives the wasp nest one last good kick because he’s chuck #and alas it was the wasp nest marked ‘raleigh’s mako feelings’ and well he just got back from tokyo red shoe in hand #so yeah #chuck’s head snapping back like a pez dispenser in 3…2…1… (via harrietvane)

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inara serra + her dresses

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Mr. Bingley is just what a young man ought to be.

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